History of the One-Fingered Fastball

History of the One-Fingered Fastball by Author Ron Rau

 As the cover of this book says, it is a memoir of Alaskan Author, RON RAU and his long love of baseball from 1950 to 2010. In this book the author recalls 60-plus years of the game.

Currently Ron lives in Alaska where he moved to be a commercial fisherman. Although he doesn't catch fish now as he once did, he still enjoys living near the water where he writes books. 

I received a call one day from Alaska when Ron was looking for a suitable printer to help him publish his books. Since he grew up in Flint he wanted to give that project to someone who lived there. Lucky for Digital Dave!  Over the years Ron and I have kept in contact and produced serveral books together. It has been one of my greatest pleasures to work with Ron and be a friend.

This is a Great Book....  especially if you are a Baseball Fan. If Not.... It is still a Great Book!!

Copies are still in print and you can purchase this book on this site.

     Digital Dave



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